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Places of Richard Wagner's life

The echo of The Ride of the Valkyries is still etched in our minds. Richard Wagner was a German composer of the early 19th century, although in his career he was also an essayist, poet, theatrical librettist and conductor. Famous for his leitmotifs, Wagner revolutionized the world of music.

1.Brief historical notes

Wagner was born in Leipzig on May 22, 1813 and began composing his first true operas in 1833. The first of him, which draws heavily on traditional German music, is Die Feen (The fairies). At first he was not very successful, and was constantly chased by creditors and, when he found himself in trouble, in Paris he pledged the wedding rings to the pawnshop. He stayed for six years without producing an excerpt, until he got to Zurich, where he got some breathing room. His fame grew until, in 1876, he staged the famous Ring of the Nibelungen at the Bayreuth festival, his most important work and known all over the world. But it was in Venice that Wagner left us on February 13, 1883.

2. The places dedicated to him

2.1 Wagner Museum in Venice

Located on the mezzanine floor of the Venice Casino, it is possible to admire the museum dedicated to the composer, in an area where he used to reside during his travels in the lagoon city. Venice was the place where he took refuge for inspiration, and here he even made friends with a gondolier, who took him around and often stopped with him to smoke cigars. Wagner considered it a small corner of paradise, where you can recharge and rest from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

2.2 Bayreuth Festival Theater

A theater built only for Richard Wagner, which hosts the Bayreuth festival, days in which only works by Wagner are staged and where, over several days, the entire saga of The Ring of the Nibelung is witnessed. No theater in the world represents Wagner at its best, it is an experience that every lover of opera and the composer's works must do once in a lifetime. The cycle of The Ring of the Nibelung is a complete, masterful work, which even required a festival and theater of its own. Discover the Bayreuth Festival.

2.3 The Richard Wagner Museum in Triebschen (Switzerland)

Located right near Lake Lucerne, this residence was the home of Wagner and his family from 1866 to 1872. On a verdant landscape, a few steps from the lake, the white walls stand out majestically, a true oasis of peace where it is easy to see Wagner sitting on the immense lawn composing his music. Now that house has become a museum dedicated to him and you can discover all his potential by exploring their official website.

3. Our Virtual Tour

If your thirst for knowledge and inspiration is great, to explore these and other places in the life of Antonio Vivaldi, we refer you to our virtual tour dedicated to him. Through his stories, you will be led along the places of his life, and you will discover a side of him that you did not know yet. Explore the 360 ​​images of each stage, let yourself be inspired by his words and set off on a one-of-a-kind journey.

4. Curiosity

Wagner's musical power has been acclaimed several times, but in this case it was made of irony. Woody Allen, in Mysterious Murder in Manhattan, says exactly these words:

"I can't listen to Wagner too much, you know, I already feel the urge to invade Poland."

We know that it is a joke about a very serious fact, but we wanted to highlight how much Wagner, in the collective imagination, is still an important figure today.

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