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Antonio Vivaldi. What a joy to create!

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A flair for business

VENICE, St Mark's Square. 1720


In spite of my very short career as a priest, I was well versed in

worldly matters; in fact, I was a shrewd businessman, as well as
an excellent producer of music. I bargained hard with those who commissioned music from me. I would become someone's best friend, but only to sell them some expensive gigs. I used to have long discussions with many people, walking up and down St. Mark's Square,
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the beating heart of Venice, talking to them, demanding sky-high sums, like a guinea for each piece of music... I was aware of the value of my music and I could compose new pieces much faster than a copyist could commit to reproducing it, which explains my vast output,

even though some people would criticise a certain repetitiveness in some of my motifs. Music is a constant and perpetual art. I can firmly state that I have succeeded in my attempt to paint real 'pictures' through my music, brilliantly capturing the spirit and image of the golden age that the city

I was born and raised in was experiencing. Various titles of my pieces that people should remember, without mentioning The Four Seasons, are L'estro armonico, La stravaganza, Ottone in villa, Orlando furioso, Tito Manlio... and here I will stop, because the list would be endless!
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A flair for business

VENICE, St Mark's Square. 1720

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VENICE, La Fenice Theatre. 1725

In the centre of pleasure

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