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Mozart. ...improvise!

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Eighty-eight keys

SALZBURG, Mozarteum. 1779


After returning from Italy, I was employed as a musician

at the court of Archbishop Colloredo. I had a job!
In addition, I had friends and admirers galore in Salzburg, so I was able to concentrate my composition on different genres, including symphonies, sonatas, string quartets, masses and serenades. I had developed
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an enthusiasm for violin concertos, composing five in a row. Then I moved on to piano concertos. I then composed the Jeunehomme Piano Concerto No. 9, which grey-haired critics would have considered one of my pivotal works. Despite my artistic success,

I hated Salzburg. I struggled to find another position to fill elsewhere. One of the reasons was that I was paid far too little. Another reason was that no one commissioned me to do works, which I felt were closer to my nature! And they also closed the court theatre! Two trips interrupted my tedious time in Salzburg, both of which were intended

to help me find a new job: I visited Vienna and Munich with my father. In mid-January I returned to Salzburg and accepted an unexpected appointment as court organist. At that time I was composing with a certain regularity and, in a certain sense, I had also matured artistically, thanks to the journeys I had made and the multifaceted artists I had met.
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Eighty-eight keys

SALZBURG, Mozarteum. 1779

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VIENNA, Mozart House. 1781

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