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Wagner. Ride the storm

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Exuberance in the spirit

LEIPZIG, St. Thomas Church. 1829


The city was Leipzig, the year 1813.

I was the ninth child of the jurist and amateur actor
Carl Friedrich Wagner and Johanna Rosine Wagner. Six months after my birth, my father passed away, dying of typhus, and my mother remarried to Ludwig Geyer, a poet and actor. I was baptised in the church of St Thomas in my hometown. Ludwig always took care of our family and with him we moved to Dresden. Later,
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I returned to Leipzig to complete secondary school. In my adolescence, to tell the truth, I never showed much dedication to studying. I was always uncertain whether to pursue a career as a painter, essayist, sculptor, architect or scholar, but music was still a distant dream. I had a rather exuberant temperament and I got excited

about even the smallest and most insignificant things, letting myself go with hearty and demented laughter. I felt the 'spirit of revolution' burning inside me. As a teenager, I attended Beethoven's Fidelio, which was a revelation... It was there that I finally understood what I really wanted to be in that life: a composer.

I was 16 years old. Initially, I practised as a self-taught composer, with modest and rudimentary compositions: the first sonatas, a string quartet and an early attempt at a play, Le nozze, which was never completed. After that, I suspended those barbarous studies and devoted myself entirely to composition.
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Exuberance in the spirit

LEIPZIG, St. Thomas Church. 1829

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MAGDEBURG, Cathedral. 1833

Need for affection

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