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Mozart. ...improvise!

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Frenetic days

LONDON. Stage of Mozart's tour with his family, 1764


During his stay in Paris, my father decided that

the tour should also include London, where music from
continental Europe was very popular and where, therefore, we could earn good money. We crossed the Channel in search of success. When we arrived there, I quickly made a name for myself and even played for King George III.
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After a short time, however, my father fell ill and I had to stop performing for a short time. During this hiatus, I took the opportunity to practise composing, but I also created what would become my first symphony. I was deeply inspired by meeting Johan Christian Bach,

one of Johan Sebastian Bach's sons,with whom I enjoyed the honour of practising to my great excitement. The English capital was fantastic! We stayed in London for about a year, which was full of important and exciting performances, such as the charity concert at Raleigh Gardens,

but we did not disdain more modest performances,such as in inns or in our own home for a few shillings, playing for anyone who could pay; my father was trying to make his investment pay off, which was us, considering that my sister was now twelve and would soon no longer be credible as a child prodigy.
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Frenetic days

LONDON. Stage of Mozart's tour with his family, 1764

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The Hague, a stop on Mozart's tour with his family. 1765

At the Court of Orange

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