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Mozart. ...improvise!

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High expectations

PARIS, Palace of Versailles. 1763


My father used to call me 'the miracle that God gave birth to in Salzburg'.

He felt a great responsibility to educate me in music,
and he dedicated himself to this goal, often neglecting himself. I am a little moved when I think of the great effort my father made for the sake of my and my sister's future. When I was not even six years old,
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he decided to have us perform in the courts of Europe, on a tour that would last almost three years. They had to like us, he always said, even in his sleep.My father hoped to be received at the court of Louis XV, in nearby Versailles, in Paris, one of the most important European musical centres.

He had tried with all his might. However, it was not possible to get an immediate invitation due to a recent death in the royal family, so he organised more performances in the best salons of the capital. One person who noticed us more than others was the German diplomat Von Grimm, who noted my prowess in his diary in enthusiastic terms:

<<The most experienced chapel master could not be more profound in the science of harmony and modulation>>. Versailles at last! During those two weeks we were admitted to a royal dinner, where I had the incredible honour of kissing the Queen's hand. I was small, but I knew I was very charming. In Paris, my first works were printed.
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High expectations

PARIS, Palace of Versailles. 1763

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LONDON. Stage of Mozart's tour with his family, 1764

Frenetic days

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