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Wagner. Ride the storm

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Horror vacui

MOSCOW, Bolshoi Theatre. 1863


I was obliged to surrender the rights to

the Wesendonk-Lieder, that is to say, the desecration of
my private life on the altar of survival ... The composition of The Master Songwriters had come to a complete standstill; a dog had bitten me on the right hand and, for some months, it was impossible for me to write a single note.I resumed my concert tour, which culminated in
Mercato di Rialto_03.png

the successful Russian tour of Moscow and St Petersburg. In particular, my stay in Moscow was quite pleasant, as far as I remember. As I passed by, I also saw the marvellous Bolshoi Theatre in the heart of the city, not far from the Kremlin;it boasted a severe neoclassical style that amazed me not

a little. I earned enough money in Russia, even if those seven thousand thalers ended up in the princely furnishings of my new Viennese home, signing promissory notes even before I knew whether the Russians would grant me a second tour, which in fact they did not. Silks, velvets, carpets, curtains, garlands and baroques;

with all this, I was probably trying to fill an ever-deepening sense of emptiness. During the Christmas party of that year, organised at my home for friends who had supported me with gifts and loans that were never repaid, I put under the tree an infinity of gifts that was the envy of an oriental fantasy, like a true squanderer... It was the absurdity that was the prelude to the blackest period, where there was no longer any room for any creative activity.
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Horror vacui

MOSCOW, Bolshoi Theatre. 1863

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MUNICH, Cuvilliés Theatre. 1864

The King of the Ring

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