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Antonio Vivaldi. What a joy to create!

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Musical painting

VICENZA, Olympic Theatre. 1713


I had become the Venetian composer par excellence.

My music reflected the atmosphere of the city,
its architecture and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. The fame I established in Venice, initially as a soloist, soon spread abroad to cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, London... After my triumph as a composer of instrumental music,
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I concentrated my energy on opera. In Vicenza, I produced my first opera, Ottone in villa, which I performed at the Teatro Olimpico; it was a great success that convinced me to write new works and not to neglect this very profitable artistic vein. As my detractors claimed, money was my real obsession.

I also discovered a special talent for promoting my works, so I also became a successful impresario. Before the turbulent period of my European travels, I would have already composed The Four Seasons. I did not neglect any of the composer's tricks and put all my skills as a conductor to the test to paint pictures of perfect musical harmony.

Each piece was introduced by a sonnet describing the particular season. In each concert I used music to underline the most significant moments; the birdsong became a happy little trill, I used the violins to announce the approach of thunder, the pizzicato described the raindrops. The Four Seasons concerts were to become some of the best-loved Baroque concerts!
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Musical painting

VICENZA, Olympic Theatre. 1713

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PIRNA, the town where Vivaldi performed. 1714

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