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Wagner. Ride the storm

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Need for affection

MAGDEBURG, Cathedral. 1833


In 1833, I began to compose Die feen,

closely linked to the German musical tradition,
followed by Il divieto d'amare and the very famous Rienzi. I worked as musical director of the small theatre in Magdeburg. It was here that I met the singer Minna Planer, whom I married a few years later in the city's cathedral.
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In Mein leben, although I never had any real feelings of love for this pretty Miss Minna Planer, her affection and her practical sense of life provided me with a safe haven where I could curb the excessive flights of my wild imagination... You see, I, with my rebellious and, to say the least,

dissolute temperament, I needed a little world of affection in which I could take refuge amidst the many battles of a misunderstood existence. However, these huge differences in character, in addition to the lack of children and a general sense of irresponsibility on my part, soon led to a crisis in our marriage... A few years later,

I became the conductor of the orchestra in what is now Kaliningrad, but soon the theatre was forced to close due to excessive debt and I was fired. However, I managed to get another conductor's post in Riga. It was there that I composed Rienzi, but fate was not with me this time either, and I lost my job again...
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Need for affection

MAGDEBURG, Cathedral. 1833

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DRESDEN, Semperoper Dresden. 1843


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