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Antonio Vivaldi. What a joy to create!

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The blessed corruption of the Baroque

VENICE, Church of San Giovanni in Bragora. 1678


As fate would have it, over the centuries my

music has been remembered by the people of this world,
especially for my celebrated composition The Four Seasons, but in reality my output includes well over five hundred pieces! I wrote sonatas, symphonies, concertos, compositions for operas and oratorios...
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Yet, my fame remains linked to my talent as a composer of instrumental music. I was born in Venice, in the 17th century, a period of absolute Venetian splendour, in the middle of the period that historians call 'baroque'. Think that this term meant, more or less, 'irregularly shaped pearl',

which alluded to something magnificent, but, at the same time, very bizarre, at least for the tastes of the early society of that period. All the Arts were affected by the Baroque, therefore also music, which sounded like a continuous invention, breaking the canons of the previous Renaissance music. Someone,

long after my death, would have said that if the Renaissance was the correction, the Baroque was, instead, the corruption of the rules of art. I was baptised at the Church of San Giovanni in Bragora. My father was a barber with a passion for the violin and one of the most versatile musicians in the city, and this passion would soon rub off on me from an early age.
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The blessed corruption of the Baroque

VENICE, Church of San Giovanni in Bragora. 1678

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VENICE, Pio Ospedale della Pietà. 1703

The spretate

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