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Antonio Vivaldi. What a joy to create!

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Travelling notes

PIRNA, the town where Vivaldi performed. 1714


The great journeys began. I travelled to cities such as Amsterdam,

Vienna and Prague to promote my works in person.
A kindly travelling companion at the time was Anna Giraud, a very pretty but not exceptionally talented artist, to whom I nevertheless gave a leading role in my works. Another female presence was Anna's sister,
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Paolina Giraud, who followed me abroad and looked after my precarious health. I always denied any sentimental involvement, even if I understand that it is difficult to believe that for fourteen years I faced daily temptations and scandals immaculately without enjoying their fruits... In my innovation, I gave greater emphasis and prominence to the formal and rhythmic structure of the concerto, something that had never happened before.

I repeatedly sought harmonic contrasts and invented themes and melodies that were unusual to the ear of the listener. My talent lay in avoiding the tedious academic music, but in composing new, clear and expressive music that could be appreciated by the general public and not only by a few select specialists.
I was favourably received by the German critics of my time.

Among the Germans, I remember especially people like Hiller, Gerber and the flutist and composer Quantz. Quantz himself reported having heard some of my concerts, including L'estro armonico, in the small German town of Pirna. He himself described them as <<a new kind of music with magnificent refrains>>.
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Travelling notes

PIRNA, the town where Vivaldi performed. 1714

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VENICE, St Mark's Square. 1720

A flair for business

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