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Antonio Vivaldi. What a joy to create!

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When every joke counts

VENICE, Doge's Palace. 1710


With the completion of my first two blocks of compositions,

my style was now defined and would remain more or less unchanged for
the rest of my days. I wrote concertos for almost every existing instrument, solo and otherwise, traditional and unusual. I, like my own hometown historically, never compromised and never forgot my pride. Since birth I had been in poor health,
Mercato di Rialto_03.png

which would always plague me. Because of the pain in my chest that oppressed me, I could only go out in a gondola or a sedan chair. The lyricism of my music was influenced by my surroundings and, in particular, by the beauty of Venice. I was inspired by the unmistakable magic that enveloped this city,

splendid in every era.Venice was unique in the lifestyle of its inhabitants. When the Carnival broke out, the whole city let its hair down! Until the end of the festival, every transgression and every folly was allowed. I remember the revelry that took place inside and outside places like the Palazzo Ducale;

the population wore splendid masks that guaranteed anonymity. Well, the carnival atmosphere soon became one of the year-round features of the city, which, even at that time, was one of the poles of attraction for European tourism. The love of music itself flourished in this atmosphere!
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When every joke counts

VENICE, Doge's Palace. 1710

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VICENZA, Olympic Theatre. 1713

Musical painting

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